First time experiencing a private cinema!! The immersive movie experience is amazing

🥰First time checking in at a private cinema, the viewing experience is so great Located at 2001, 20th floor, Block B, Zone C, No.7 Yiyin Street, Liying Plaza You can see the store as soon as you take the elevator up, it's easy to find After entering the store, you need to put on disposable slippers (provided for free) There's a cat cage around the corner, with an adorable cat wearing a sunflower collar🐱 It's quite sociable, and when you approach, it can't help but lean in for a pet, haha😆 🎞️There are 7 different themed movie rooms Including Japanese style, rainforest style, cave style, etc. (each room can accommodate 4 people) This time we experienced the cyberpunk style, the room design is so cool🤩 You can bring drinks or snacks (just be mindful of cleanliness) The store also offers some simple meals🍱 You need to book your viewing time in advance to ensure room availability The staff are also very friendly, able to answer customers' questions and provide assistance
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
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