Direct Metro Access! Two treasure parks in Guangzhou for photographing Golden Trumpet Trees

Folks, I am Mountain Ghost Ballad🙋‍♀️ Today I'm sharing two parks where you can enjoy the Golden Trumpet Trees🎉 As March approaches, the star of the show is of course the Golden Trumpet Tree🌼 Guangzhou is about to welcome a city clad in golden armor🤩 📍Blooming period: March to May, lasting 10-15 days 1️⃣Golden Trumpet Tree Park (Direct Metro Access) 📸Zhou Tou Zui Park - Huan Dao Road area This is the hottest spot for check-ins, with hundreds of meters of Golden Trumpet Trees on both sides of the road, making it very photogenic📷 Transportation: Metro Line 8 Tongfu West Station D exit, about 800 meters walk Nearby attractions: Sha Garden, Cultural Park, Taikoo Warehouse 2️⃣Mo Die Sha Park Here you can frame the Golden Trumpet Trees with classic landmarks such as the Liede Bridge, Canton Tower, IFC, etc.📸 You can take overhead shots from the overpass or the spiral staircase of the overpass for a broader view~ After 7 pm when the lights of the Canton Tower are on, you can capture a different kind of beauty🌃 Transportation: Line 8 Chigang Station C2 exit (1 km walk)/Guangzhou Tram Liede Bridge South Station (300 meters walk) Nearby attractions: Pazhou Shuibo Garden, Canton Tower, Haixinsha, Ersha Island, Huacheng Square 🎊In addition, there are many other places in Guangzhou where Golden Trumpet Trees are planted, such as Ersha Island, Hongcheng Park, Nansha District Mark Village... You can take some pretty good photos there too~ Go check it out🤳
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
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