angzhou Photography | Catching the tail of the early cherry blossoms, a moon has bloomed on the cherry tree

| Catching the tail of the early cherry blossoms, a moon has bloomed on the cherry tree. It feels like this year's cherry blossoms🌸 have bloomed earlier than usual, as Luogang Entrepreneurship Park was already full of bell-shaped cherry flowers during the New Year. When I visited on the seventh day of the lunar new year, the cherry blossoms were still not withered, still blooming passionately. Just as I was wondering how to capture the most beautiful moments of these flowers, I looked up and, hey? A moon🌛 has grown on the cherry tree. Walking along the direction of Xiangxue Third Road in the park, you will find that a large area of the park is covered with purple-red cherry blossoms. I walked from south to north through the flower path during the New Year, hoping that life and career will be prosperous and thriving this year! I heard that there will be another cold front in a few days, so friends who want to see the flowers should catch the last chance. 📸TIPS: ⭕️If you want to take a photo with the moon in the frame like me, you can start looking for a spot around 16:00 in the next few days, and it's best to have a focal length of over 300mm. ⭕️If you don't want too many people, it's still recommended to go in the morning. ⭕️Since cherry trees are relatively short, try to avoid wearing red clothes, lest you blend in with the cherry blossoms. 📍Luogang Entrepreneurship Park, Guangzhou 🚇Line 21 Exit A, walk over 600 meters to arrive 🚗If driving, directly navigate to the park's parking lot 🚊Huangpu Tram Line 1 , walk 300 meters to arrive There are several other parks nearby, and those interested can take the opportunity to visit them as well. If you want to dine and shop, there is a Wanda Plaza near
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Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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