e rare white Jacaranda in Guangzhou, those who want to see it should hurry

This season is the blooming period for Jacarandas, and in Guangzhou, yellow and purple Jacarandas are common, but the white Jacaranda is extremely rare. It turns out that there is a very rare white Jacaranda hidden in Guangzhou's Yuyin Mountain House, and now it is in full bloom, with almost all the buds open, white as snow. The clusters of flowers hang on the treetops like embroidered balls, dense and numerous, as if a heavy snow has fallen. Although there is only one tree, it is stunning enough. After seeing the white Jacaranda, it is also very interesting to look around the garden. The Jacaranda's blooming period is not very long, and now it is at its peak, with the flowering expected to last about a week. Those who want to see the white Jacaranda should hurry! Just a whisper, if you don't want to buy a ticket to enter the garden, you can actually take pictures of the white Jacaranda from the parking lot next to the garden area, because the Jacaranda tree is right by the fenc
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Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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