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Baiyun Mountain covers a large area of northeast Guangzhou. It has been considered to be the top natural scenic part of the city. With a forest coverage of over 28 square kilometers. Riding a cable car to the top, you can enjoy the view of the plain of the Pearl River Delta and far away urban part of Guangzhou. Popular activities: Do a zipline ride, admire wild birds and rare plants, view Guangzhou from a higher place, visit cultural relics, see artistic works, eat lunch on the mountain, and relax in gardens. Time needed: 2 hours (using the cableway and battery electric vehicle) / 5 hours (hiking all the way) The mountain range is full of grandeur with its majestic peaks, crisscrossed valleys, and cultural sites. There are seven scenic areas on the mountain. Baiyun Cableway: Ticket price: 25 yuan to go up, 20 yuan for the downward trip. Operation time: 9am to 6pm (weekends and holidays: 8:30am to 8pm) #falltrip #wecreate #freehotelstay #trip #mytravelhacks #tripblazers #guangzhou #historicallandmarks
Posted: Feb 29, 2024
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Baiyun Mountain
The best hiking mountain in Guzangzhou.
Baiyun Mountain
Spring comes early in Guangzhou and peach and plum blossoms arrive, appropriately, with Spring Festival. I lived in Guangzhou for three years and I never saw the famous peach garden in Baiyun Mountain 白云山公园 in bloom until I returned for a visit this year. What a pleasant surprise! There were lots of people there but it didn't feel crowded as the peach garden is quite big. Normally access to this part of the park is included in the usual Baiyun Mountain entrance (5RMB) but during the peach blossom season another ticket is required (another 5 kuai); it's well worth the price of admission. In addition to the peach blossoms there are magnolias, bougainvillea and many others. Bring a camera or a picnic and spend a few hours under the pink and white blossoms. The peach grove is roughly in the middle of Baiyun Mountain Park so it will probably take most people an hour to walk there; the east gate near Meihuayuan Metro Station 梅花园地铁站 is the closest, I think (but has a steep stairs-only ascent; the west gate entrance is further but more gradual.) If you're not up to walking there it's possible to take the mini shuttle from the west gate or the top of the cable car. Some parts of the peach garden would not be accessible for those with mobility issues, but the main paths near the gate should be okay. Time: mid-February Cost: 10 yuan (5 for park entrance, 5 for garden entrance) Recommended for: Photographers, lovers, elders, families... #urbanexplorer #springblossoms #springblossomguangzhou #peachblossoms #plum #sakura #springtime #garden #guangzhou #photography #nofilter #广州 #白云山 #桃花 #梅花 #春天 #春节 #springfestivaltravel #staycation
Baiyun Mountain
Baiyun Mountain
Baiyun Mountain
Baiyun Mountain