Guangzhou, known as the romantic city of flowers, truly lives up to its name, with the Garden Expo far ahead!

Whoever says Guangzhou is only suitable for clocking in at work and not for tourism, I'll give them a talking to. In other cities, it's the season for snow and warming fires, But here in our great Guangzhou, the flowers are already in full bloom! Especially since the Guangzhou Garden Expo opens on February 4th, Everywhere is filled with flowers, as if surrounded by a sea of flowers! With carefully designed horticultural arrangements and occasional mists, it's like a fairyland. Flower City Guangzhou is going to be extraordinary! - As the main venue, Baiyun Mountain has already been well prepared in advance. The setting is basically complete. Floral waterfalls, floating forests, fairy tale gardens... I've put together this photo and travel guide for the Garden Expo (Baiyun Mountain main venue). Go play during the Spring Festival holiday, just copy this homework! - 🌸Travel Guide: 💛Baiyun Mountain main venue, divided into Mingzhu Tower, Mingspring Valley, and Yuntai Garden❸ exhibition areas. ✔️Mingzhu Tower area: Baiyun Mountain West Gate➠Mingzhu Tower➠Baiyun Pine Waves (total 4 kilometers). ✔️Mingspring Valley area: Baiyun Mountain South Gate➠Big Lawn➠Mountain Top Plaza (total 2 kilometers). These two areas can be toured together, and it takes at least 2 hours to complete the full journey. If you don't want to walk the whole way, there are sightseeing cars available at the West Gate, South Gate, beside Mingzhu Lake and Peach Blossom Stream, and at the Mountain Top Plaza, with fares ranging from 10-15 per person depending on the distance. 💛The Mingzhu Tower area has more exhibits, so if you're short on time, it's recommended to visit this area. Enter from the West Gate of Baiyun Mountain and walk to Mingzhu Lake, with a sea of flowers all along the way. 💛There are really a lot of exhibits this time, each integrating the characteristics of their respective areas, with creativity and visual effects💯. Here are a few of my favorites: ✅Panyu District 'Floating Light Islands': Combining elements of Shawan Piaose and Dripping Water Rock Forest Park to create a floating island. ✅Nanzhu District 'Sea・Cloud Valley': The scattered stairs with flowers, flowing water, and mist are especially beautiful. ✅Liwan District 'Childhood Time': Themed around Guangdong nursery rhymes, with familiar background music like 'Heavy Rain, Streets Flooded' and 'Whose Rooster Crows, Whose Guess'... Full of childhood memories. ✅Conghua District 'Red Leaves Drifting Home': They really brought over the red leaves from Shimen! There's also a little grass house, a dreamy fairy tale garden~ 💛During the Yuntai Garden Expo, there's also the annual tulip flower show, with 100,000 tulips blooming dreamily, like a real-life Monet's garden. - 🌷Suggested travel route Yuntai Garden➠Baiyun Mountain South Gate➠Mountain Top Plaza➠Sightseeing Car➠Mingzhu Lake➠Baiyun Mountain West Gate - 🎫Tickets Baiyun Mountain: 5 per person (From the first to the eighth day of the lunar new year, full ticket 4 per person) February 4th 9:00-12:00, free entry with Hanfu. Yuntai Garden: 10 per person (From the first to the eighth day of the lunar new year, full ticket 8 per person, half ticket 5 per person) -
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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