Two Days and One Night Parent-Child Trip | Indulge in wild fun and enjoy childhood in the countryside

We took Zhi Zong to the countryside again this weekend, this time to Paizhen Town in Zengcheng, staying at Our Village Stone House, playing in the fields and farmlands~ Feeding chickens🐔 ducks🦆 rabbits🐰~ Touching snails🐚 catching fish🐟 doing pottery🥣~🏕 The Guang-style villa is so fun that we can't stop~ . 👉About the journey and environment It takes only one hour to drive from Tianhe to reach the destination. As soon as the car enters the village, I can't wait to roll down the windows and take deep breaths of the fresh air. Green mountains⛰️, bamboo forests🎋, rice fields🌾, ponds🐟, 🏞️ villages with green tiles and black bricks, this is probably what pastoral life looks like~ . 👉About the accommodation facilities We chose the Wangxiang Pavilion on the third floor, the front balcony has a great view of the farmland and green mountains, and the back balcony has a private soaking pool♨️ to maintain privacy~ The stone house has a coffee shop, tea room, library, children's activity room, and workshop inside, and various fun farm activities outside. After a day, the children never stopped playing, while the adults could sit leisurely, drink tea, and chat, it was really chill~ . 👉About dining Guests are provided with standard afternoon tea and breakfast, both taste very good~ Don't miss out- Lunch and dinner can also be solved in the restaurant, almost no bad choices, feel free to order~ The kiln chicken and beef are really good~ . 👉About parent-child entertainment ✅Catching fish and shrimp: All day, adults must accompany, pay attention to safety! ✅Feeding chickens and ducks: All day, get the grains🌾 the day before ✅Horse riding: In the afternoon, at the horse farm🐎 ✅Pottery and crafts: The workshop starts at 14:30 in the afternoon ✅DIY fried eggs: Raw eggs and children's egg pans are provided for breakfast in the restaurant ✅Grinding soy milk: In the morning, at the entrance of the restaurant ✅Making cotton candy: In the morning, at the coffee shop ✅Parent-child hiking: Houlong Mountain, there is a gravel path next to the fort that leads into the bamboo forest ✅Kiln-roasted chicken: If you pre-order kiln chicken at the restaurant, you can participate in the building and baking process~ ✅Children's activity room: There are table tennis, table football, scooters, and various toys ✅Swimming: 🏊 Open in summer, there will also be bubble battles . When we came, it happened to be the dry pond before winter, and Zhi Zong also put on fishing pants to join in catching fish, immersively feeling the joy of harvest~ Quickly take advantage of this great weather, bring your kids to enjoy childhood in the countryside!
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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