Tao Yuanming's Second Peach Blossom Spring | Xiang Song. Jishan Courtyard

In my perspective, Guangzhou never lacks places that offer novelty and surprises, yet this particular location has indeed provided me, Xiao Mo, with a fresh sense of wonder and delight 🍃🍃. Unlike the bustling night markets illuminated by myriad lights, this establishment, Ji Shan Courtyard, exudes a tranquil ambiance. The decor, from exterior to interior, harmoniously blends serenity with nature 🌲. It's as if one is immersed in Tao Yuanming's idyllic Peach Blossom Spring 🌸🌸. 🍃 Organic Large Fish Head One of the most popular dishes here, it graces almost every table. The fish meat is tender, and the unique aroma of perilla adds a hint of flavor to the dish. 🍃 Steamed Dry Chicken As a renowned specialty dish from old Xiangxi, the steamed dry chicken, after being steamed, has its meaty aroma maximized. This place has truly left a profound impression on me. "Returning to nature" seems to be my current enlightenment, perhaps this is the lifestyle many people yearn for ✨✨. 🏠: Xiang Song. Ji Shan Courtyard 🕘: 11.00-21:00 📍: No. 63, Zhu Ji Road
Posted: Apr 16, 2024
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