Guangzhou Hunan Cuisine Ceiling | A Hidden High-Quality Private Hunan Cuisine in Tianhe!

I have discovered a high-quality, hidden gem of a private Hunanese restaurant nestled in Tianhe 🌶️. The establishment is adorned with an ancient-style decor, creating an incredibly comfortable ambiance. Moreover, it offers private dining rooms, each spacious and equipped with a lounge area and a tea art section. These rooms are an excellent choice for hosting gatherings, with the capacity to accommodate 16-20 people. The menu is diverse, 🍽 with beautifully presented dishes that are absolutely delicious 😋. For those who are fond of Hunan cuisine, this is a must-visit 🐛. 🦞 Boston Lobster Mapo Tofu: The pairing of lobster 🦞 with Mapo Tofu is unexpectedly harmonious. The 🌶️ spicy and aromatic flavors are layered, making it a perfect match with a bowl of rice 🍚. 🐟 Steamed Big Lake Fish Head with Chopped Pepper and Country Rice Noodles: The tender fish head paired with country rice noodles 🍜, the spiciness of this dish intensifies with each bite! 🥢 Caramel Grilled Snowflake Black Pork with Caviar: The black pork, grilled with caramel and served with caviar, is crispy, fragrant, and slightly sweet upon tasting. It's an incredibly refined dish. The level of spiciness 🉑️ here can be adjusted according to the customer's preference. After a spicy meal, a dessert to balance the palate is a good idea. Isn't this 🍑 peach-shaped ice cream too beautiful? 🌶️ Jade Huanxiang Private Chinese Restaurant 📍 2nd Floor, Xi Wine Experience Hall, No. 328, Huangpu Avenue Middle, Tianhe District (next to Guangdong Financial City Hotel) 🚇 600m walk from Exit C, Keyun Road Station, Metro Line 5.
Posted: Apr 16, 2024
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Guangzhou | 黄埔大道中328号习酒体验馆2层(粤大金融城酒店旁)
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