Who understands⁉ An average of 40+ and dining on lobster and abalone at a tea restaurant🦞.

It would truly sadden me if anyone were unaware of the hidden gem that is Baiyun's Hong Kong-style tea restaurant‼ ⛩ This industrial-chic eatery offers substantial and value-for-money meals, making it a frequent dining choice after work😋. The restaurant also features 🎮, perfect for a relaxing time after a satisfying meal. - 🦞 Lobster and Eggplant Hotpot It indeed comes with a generously sized lobster!! The tender and fragrant eggplant pairs perfectly with the succulent and springy lobster meat. The portion is substantial, and the lobster is well-seasoned, truly a dish to fall in love with~ 🥓 Traditional Abalone Dongpo Pork The abalone is braised to perfection, offering a sweet and chewy taste. The Dongpo pork is rich but not greasy, melting in your mouth with a hint of sweetness. Delicious! 🍛 Black Truffle and Dried Scallop Shrimp Fried Rice The dish is full of wok hei, with each grain of rice distinct and flavorful. The shrimp is fresh and springy, and when paired with the dried scallop, it's truly delectable. ☕ Tom Yum Goong Sparkling Iced Americano A very special and creative combination. The sour and sweet Tom Yum Goong + the slightly bitter Americano The taste is layered and rich. - 🏡 Big Boss Hong Kong-style Tea Restaurant (Longxi Plaza Branch) 📍 Room 104-106, Longxi Center, 22 Qide Road, Baiyun District.
Posted: Apr 16, 2024
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Guangzhou | 广东省广州市白云区启德路22号龙禧中心F栋104-106号
Cantonese Cuisine
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