A Pleasant Surprise at Guangzhou Culture Center! Maple Leaves and Phoenix Flowers Bloom Together in May

The maple leaves usually start turning red in September or October, but to my surprise, I saw red maple leaves 🍁 at the Guangzhou Culture Center in May. I was originally there to look for phoenix flowers, but I unexpectedly found two small red maple trees 🌿. Although they are not large, they are very well situated, complementing the antique-style architecture of the culture center, and with the afterglow of the sunset, they offer a unique charm ✨. So, if you go to the culture center to see the phoenix flowers, consider taking a few extra steps to check out these two red maples 🍁. In May, the sight of phoenix flowers and red maples blooming together is truly heart-stirring ❤. Step into the culture center and experience this unique dual beauty 🌺🍁. 📍Location: Guangzhou Culture Center 🚗Transportation: 10 minutes walk from Exit D of Datang Station on Metro Line 3
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Posted: May 22, 2024
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