I enjoyed a wonderful calligraphy exhibition at the Bay Area Book House — the Destiny Calligraphy Exhibition

During my visit to the Pearl River Park, I stumbled upon a splendid calligraphy exhibition at the Bay Area Book House, an unexpected treasure. Unlike most calligraphy exhibitions I've seen, this was a joint exhibition by writer Cai Chongda and calligrapher Chen Yubi titled "Destiny." Calligrapher Chen Yubi extracted brilliant passages from two of Cai Chongda's works — "The Skin" and "Destiny" — and presented them in the form of calligraphy. There is only one standard for text — accuracy. Only with extremely accurate language can one touch the heart. It is difficult to find the precise words, which requires an intense interweaving of emotion and reason to craft sentences of penetrating insight. ① Even the worst way of living is still a way of living; ② People live for pride, and this pride is more important than anything else; ③ I know every stone here, and every stone here knows me; ④ I must find the distance to coexist with every sea, to find the best way to appreciate them; ⑤ In essence, we are all people who have lost our hometowns and cannot reach the distant places; ⑥ Every upcoming day will eventually become a part of me, they arrive and then stick to me, becoming me; ⑦ The easiest way to live in this world is to live for others, and if that person happens to live for you, then life is as sweet as a sweet potato; ⑧ There really is a sea in the human heart, constantly churning the soul, needing a heavy ballast to hold it down, so as not to be overturned.
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Posted: May 22, 2024
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