Longjing Tea Inquiry

On the bank of West Lake, in Longjing Village, the mountain road twists and turns, the spring water ding-dongs, and the tea fragrance is overflowing. From Jiuxi to Longjing, the green tea gardens on both sides of the valley, like terraces, come into view. Each piece of tea leaf seems to be telling ancient stories. The spring breeze blows, the tea fragrance is refreshing, and the heart is refreshed. Longjing Village, this village hidden in the mountains, seems to be the paradise in Tao Yuanming's pen. The houses on both sides are antique, and they are all tea-growing families. Every household here has its own tea room and homestay. Sitting quietly, tasting a cup of Longjing tea, listening to the lingering of water and tea leaves, it seems that time has stopped at this moment. When you reach the three-way intersection, an ancient archway stands in front of you. The inscription reads 'Ten Li Langdang', and across the road is a large slope tea garden. I couldn't help but think of the scene when we visited Meijiawu many years ago. At that time, we saw the sign to Ten Li Langdang, and now we have finally connected the beautiful memories. Along the mountain road, revisiting the scenic spot of 'Longjing Tea Inquiry', I feel very emotional. Longjing, this world-famous place, is not only a resort themed on tea, but also famous springs, landscapes, ancient sites and scenery. Walking in the mountains, feeling the perfect fusion of nature and man-made, that faint tea fragrance, distant artistic conception, slowly emerged in my mind, suddenly longing for the leisure and elegance of the ancients, the key is that kind of harmony with nature The concept and attitude of enjoying life. It is said that every spring tea picking season, tourists are weaving, and they come here to ask about mountains, water, tea, tea ceremony, Longjing..., so this place has also become one of the new ten sceneries of West Lake - Longjing Tea Inquiry.
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Posted: Nov 19, 2023
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