The correct way to open the romantic sunset route on Beishan Street in the three months of spring

🔷 Hangzhou Beishan Street, the most romantic corner of West Lake~ The most beautiful sunset window~ Life's viewfinder~ The local spring walking punch-in route guide has been organized for you‼️ 👣 Route: Youth Palace➡️Starbucks (Broken Bridge store)➡️Zhejiang Bookroom➡️Agate Temple➡️Xileng Bridge➡️Pinghu Qiuyue➡️Broken Bridge Remnant Snow 📷 Punch-in spots ✔️ Youth Palace: 4R Ferris wheel, with a panoramic view of the West Lake beauty~ ✔️ Starbucks (Broken Bridge store) second floor: By the street window, wait for a sunset over the West Lake's orange sea~ ✔️ Zhejiang Bookroom: Not many people know about this place, next to it is the site of Zhiguo Zen Temple, and from the second floor outdoor of the bookroom, you can punch in the beautiful scenery of Beishan Street. It's very quiet here, drinking tea, reading books, and viewing the scenery, it's extremely leisurely~ ✔️ Agate Temple: A door from the Beishan Street Lianheng Memorial Hall to the Agate Temple is called the 'Life's viewfinder', through which you can see the West Lake's spring, summer, autumn, and winter pedestrians~ The wintersweet and cherry blossoms in the Agate Temple bloom in spring, and they are overwhelmingly beautiful~ Drinking a cup of coffee from the Forbidden City with Joy here is really too enjoyable~ ✔️ Xileng Bridge: At the corner of Gushan Road, romance has no end, and the most beautiful corner is right here~ ✔️ Pinghu Qiuyue: The sparkling West Lake during the day, and the distant view of Leifeng Pagoda, this is the true essence of the Jiangnan atmosphere~ ✔️ Broken Bridge Remnant Snow: Finally, walk back to the Broken Bridge, watch the sunset on the bridge, with people shuttling by, and the entire Beishan Street is under your feet~ ✅ Tips 1⃣️ The whole journey of photo-taking and punch-in walking takes about 3 hours~ 2⃣️ Be sure to wait for a sunset over the West Lake, to feel the endless romance~ 3⃣️ You can borrow public bicycles on Beishan Street, or experience the beauty of spring cycling~
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Posted: Feb 24, 2024
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