Don't disbelieve! Lingyin Temple is really efficacious!! Pay attention to these before you go

⛰️Tour Guide: ✔️After entering, there are three incense sticks for making connections, don't buy them on the roadside! ✔️Before entering the Mahavira Hall, light incense first, worship in four directions, then insert it into the incense burner ✔️You can offer fresh flowers in each hall, and lotus flowers can be offered in the Medicine Buddha Hall🪷 ✔️You can buy eighteen seeds and pumpkin seeds inside Lingyin ✔️The cultural and creative store at the entrance has dragon ropes, amulets, FENDI CASA Lingyin blessing scented candles, and they look great! · 💢Distribution of Halls in Lingyin: Heavenly King Hall | Peace Mahavira Hall | Career Guanyin Hall | Wishes Medicine Buddha Hall | Health Huayan Hall | Career and Studies · ⚠️Some Etiquette: ✔️Do not take photos directly facing the Buddha statues ✔️Do not walk through the middle when entering, walk on the sides, and when stepping over the threshold, if you walk on the right, lift your right foot first, if on the left, lift your left foot first ✔️Do not blow on the incense with your mouth ✔️Do not wear sunglasses · 🎫About Tickets: ✔️Feilai Peak Scenic Area ticket 45 (park card available for 40r/year) ✔️Mahavira Hall ticket 30 (temple card available for 40r/year) · 🚇Transportation: Take the subway to Huanglong Sports Center👉Exit B has a direct bus to Lingyin🚌If you are worried about traffic jams or scenic area restrictions, you can also park your car at Huanglong Sports Center and take the bus to Lingyin! · 🌟Lingyin Open Days in 2024 ✅1.18 ✅2.9 ✅3.28 ✅4.4 ✅5.15 ✅6.24 ✅7.24 ✅8.18 ✅9.17 ✅10.21 ✅12.13 ✅12.21 Swipe to see if it's fate!!!
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Posted: Feb 24, 2024
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Lingyin Temple

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