Hangzhou's most beautiful cherry blossom garden

If you come to Hangzhou to enjoy the cherry blossoms in March, don't miss the Yun Song Book House hidden by the West Lake. A small garden, white walls and black tiles, pavilions and towers, waterside pavilions and ponds, light rain pitter-pattering, cherry blossoms falling in profusion, playful fish stirring up ripples, every view is pleasing to the eye. . 📍: No. 13-1 Lingyin Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou Yun Song Book House 🎫: 🆓 🕐: 09:00-16:30 (Closed on Mondays) . ✅ Photo Tips 1⃣️ On weekdays in the morning/noon, there are few people, and you can capture empty scenes. If you don't want to squeeze with the crowd by the West Lake, this is an excellent spot to check in. . 2⃣️ The overall Chinese-style garden is photogenic in both sunny and rainy weather, very suitable for shooting traditional Hanfu and Republic of China style photos. . 3⃣️ The cherry blossom king inside the book house is very spectacular at its peak, and those who want to see it can look forward to it greatly. .
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
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