【2024 New Year's Spectacle】Viewing rime in Hangzhou

Lantern Festival coincides with the weekend holiday, just in time to take advantage of the sunny weather to visit Beigaofeng - the Number One Wealth God Temple - to pray for a smooth and prosperous new year Unexpectedly, on the way up the mountain, we encountered the rare and spectacular rime of Hangzhou Our route started from the foot of Laodongyue, passing through Dongyue Temple and Fahua Temple, ascending to the Number One Wealth God Temple, as this path is on the north side of Beigaofeng, where there is less sunlight Additionally, due to the lower temperatures in Hangzhou these past days, the trees on the mountain have all experienced varying degrees of frost rime, which is incredibly beautiful It is also the peak blooming period for Hangzhou's plum blossoms, with red plum blossoms🌸 and wax plum blossoms🌸 interspersed, the clear and crisp ice hanging, enveloping the blooming plum blossoms, truly has a unique charm From the mountaintop, overlooking the entire West Lake·Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area, the misty water vapor makes it seem like a fairyland
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
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