The best places to enjoy plum blossoms in Hangzhou are absolutely top-notch

Hangzhou's best spots for plum blossom appreciation in 2024 The plum blossom season has arrived in the blink of an eye, and the blossoms are particularly enchanting against the bleak winter. These spots in Hangzhou are definitely top-notch for enjoying the plum blossoms, so hurry up and call your friends to rush over Plum Blossom Appreciation Timeline (Save it) Late January - Early February: This is mainly when the red plum blossoms are mostly in bloom Late February - Early March: The peak season for plum blossoms, with various varieties competing for beauty Mid to late March - Early April: Most of the plum blossoms have begun to wither, while the beauty plum is in its prime Lingfeng Plum Blossom Area in the Botanical Garden The most abundant varieties in the garden are wax plum and red plum, with the red plum being fragrant and the wax plum being rich and beautiful Location: Hangzhou Botanical Garden (No. 1a Taoyuanling, Xihu District) Ticket: 10 yuan/person The white plum blossoms at Qianwang Temple, paired with ancient temple buildings and red walls, are a perfect match, and every corner is very picturesque Location: Hangzhou Qianwang Temple language:
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
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