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Exploring the beauty of West Lake, the 99 spring outing routes in my heart

Exploring the beauty of West Lake, the 99 spring outing routes in my heart🌸🚴 Hey, all you travel experts! Today, I want to share with you a lesser-known spring outing route that I discovered around West Lake. Yes, this is the most heart-stirring one out of the 99 times I've walked in this beautiful landscape of lakes and mountains, and I think it's the most beautiful cycling route🚴! ⛲ From north to south, the route is as follows: Quyuan Fenghe - Hangzhou Flower Nursery - Guozhuang - Maojiabu - Turtle Pool - Bathing Wild Goose Bay - Flower Harbor Watching Fish - Prince Bay. 1⃣ Quyuan Fenghe: Cherry blossoms in full bloom, recommended to visit in March, a unique flavor indeed!🌸 2⃣ Hangzhou Flower Nursery: Wisteria corridor and rose garden, every corner is a surprise, don't miss it!🌺 3⃣ Guozhuang: The only place that requires an entrance ticket, just 10r, a lesser-known garden with a panoramic view of West Lake!🏞 4⃣ Maojiabu: A purple sea of February orchids on the ground, the vast greenery makes it especially peaceful.💜💚 5⃣ Turtle Pool: Try the lesser-known hand-rowing boat route, the cherry blossoms are even more pleasing to the eye in the morning and evening!🚣 6⃣ Bathing Wild Goose Bay: That long bridge is too beautiful, the fine willows and flying birds by the bridge, as if entering a Chinese-style painting.🌉🦢 7⃣ Flower Harbor Watching Fish: Overlooking Leifeng Pagoda, the lakeside promenade offers views of playful fish and blooming wisteria.🏰🐟 8⃣ Prince Bay: Hangzhou's Monet garden, with cherry blossoms and purple-leaf plums blooming every March to April, especially the tulips of various kinds, stunningly beautiful.🌷✨ This is the West Lake spring outing route in my heart, looking forward to you discovering more different beauties!💖
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
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