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Hangzhou's plum blossom viewing spots, besides the most classic Lingfeng plum blossom exploration, Xixi Wetland's plum blossoms are also very famous. This place is almost the largest plum grove in the Hangzhou city area, with a 300-acre plum grove containing nearly twenty thousand plum trees. Xixi's plum blossoms are mostly planted by the water, so boat tours are a unique way to enjoy them here. Gliding over the waterways, you are flanked by dense plum groves, with red, white, and wax plum blossoms competing to bloom. Immersed in the fragrance of the plum blossoms, one's mood becomes even more beautiful. When I went last week, about sixty percent of the plum blossoms were in bloom, and many were still buds waiting to open. Due to the wetland climate, the blooming period of Xixi's plum blossoms can last until mid-March, which is relatively longer compared to other plum blossom viewing spots in Hangzhou. 🌸Xixi Plum Blossom Viewing Route: Enter from Zhoujiacun entrance of Xixi Wetland (Subway Line 3 Xixi Wetland South Station) ➠ Meizhu Mountain Villa ➠ Xixi Plum Villa ➠ Xixi Caotang ➠ Xixi Shuige ➠ Jiaolu Tianzhuang ticket checkpoint ➠ Gaozhuang exit (Subway Line 3 Flower Dock Station) 🌟The route can also be done in reverse, taking about 2-3 hours, and walking the entire route is about 8000 steps. · 📍Location: Navigate to 'Xixi National Wetland Park Zhoujiacun Entrance' 🎫Ticket: 80 yuan (free with Hangzhou Cultural Tourism Card) 🚇Transport: Subway Line 3 Xixi Wetland South Station Exit A 🚣🏻Rowing boat: 100 yuan per boat per hour, seats 6 people 🛥Electric boat: 60 yuan per person 🌸The densest area of plum blossoms is mainly in Xixi Plum Villa ✈️The aerial view is spectacular, drones are allowed. 🥰I am Zimo who loves traveling and photography, taking you to discover more hidden gems~
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
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