The most eye-protecting hiking route in Hangzhou

Spring is a great season to go hiking and enjoy the fresh green outdoors. This Longjing Village, famous for its Longjing tea, is surrounded by mountains on three sides and West Lake on the other, with forests wrapping around the tea gardens. The lush vegetation of the entire Longjing Village is on the hillside, where the 18 imperial Longjing trees from the Qianlong era are located. You can follow the steps through the tea gardens to the top of the mountain. At a glance, all you see are rows upon rows of tea fields. The early April tea picking season is the most beautiful. Highly recommend this hiking route: Jiu Xi Bus Station▶️Jiu Xi Yan Shu▶️Jiu Xi Eighteen Streams▶️Longjing Village▶️Longjing Tea Inquiry▶️Shi Li Lang Dang▶️Yunqi Bamboo Path▶️Meijiawu The whole journey takes about 5 hours, easy and not tiring, one of the super classic hiking routes in Hangzhou, where you can experience the charm of the West Lake mountains. Self-driving: Navigate to Jiu Xi parking lot Bus: Take the bus to Longjing Tea House or Jiu Xi bus station (need to pass through Jiu Xi), walk inside along the Longjing Village archway, after seeing the 'Shi Li Lang Dang' sign, go up the steps and you will see the vast tea fields.
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
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