ngzhou's Quyuanfenghe is breathtakingly beautiful!

Hangzhou is truly a city that perfectly combines natural landscapes with cultural heritage, and it's no exaggeration to say that Hangzhou's autumn never disappoints. From mid-November to mid-December, you must visit Hangzhou to enjoy the autumn🍂. The maple leaves at Quyuanfenghe, the plane trees on Beishan Street, the dawn redwoods on Meiling South Road, the remaining lotuses on West Lake... you can never get enough! West Lake autumn city walk route: Beishan Street - Quyuanfenghe - Guozhuang - Yanggong Causeway - Prince Bay Park - Flower Harbor Watching Fish - Yu Hui Bay - Santai Mountain - Huiyin Gaoli Temple - Turtle Pool - Maojiabu 🍁Quyuanfenghe The number one spot in Hangzhou for maple viewing, with the most Jiangnan garden charm. The red maple leaves, set against the quaint pavilions, are full of Zen, not at all inferior to Kyoto! 🍁Guozhuang A small and elegant garden by West Lake, the only Qing Dynasty private garden in Hangzhou city. In deep autumn, the garden is full of autumn colors, and it's the perfect place for ancient-style photography! 🍁Maojiabu The starting point of the ancient incense trail, opposite Guozhuang. This was once the essential path for pilgrims heading to Lingyin Temple, a rare and tranquil place! 🍁Huiyin Gaoli Temple A Song Dynasty style temple by West Lake, a low-key and secluded treasure spot. The yellow temple buildings and red maple leaves are a perfect match! 🍁Yu Hui Bay Known in ancient times as 'Chishan Shuiqu', the water here is even purer than West Lake. With long bridges and water pavilions, pavilions and towers, it is very serene and elegant. 🍁Flower Harbor Watching Fish Super suitable for ancient-style photography, truly a place with few people and beautiful scenery. The 'Jiangzhuang' in the garden is one of the four famous gardens of West Lake, the others being Guozhuang, Liuzhuang, and Wangzhuang. 🍁Prince Bay Park Everyone says that the spring in Prince Bay can make one fall in love in a second, and autumn is equally stunning. The crimson maple leaves🍁, the reddish-brown dawn redwood forest, and the autumn waters form a series of romantic and beautiful scenes, like a setting for a love movie. Take advantage of the crisp autumn weather and come to West Lake for a romantic autumn rendezvous!
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Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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