e upcoming Hangzhou is the pinnacle of domestic travel

After living in Hangzhou for 6 years, my favorite spring day trip route around West Lake is** 🌸 Having been in Hangzhou for six years, this is an excellent spring outing route that I must visit every year: 🚏 ➡️ Quyuan Fenghe ➡️ Guo's Villa ➡️ Maojiabu ➡️ Turtle Pool ➡️ Santaiyunshui ➡️ Flower Harbor ➡️ Bathing Wild Goose Bay ➡️ Prince Bay Park After visiting Prince Bay Park, if there is spare time, you can also visit the 【Jingci Temple】 about 600 meters ahead ⏰ The whole duration is about 4 hours, and those who like taking photos and walk slowly can reserve a bit more time ⚠️ Those with poor physical strength are advised to adjust the itinerary according to their own situation **Attraction Introduction:** ➡️ **Guo's Villa**: A super beautiful, less-known garden. In spring, magnolias bloom splendidly (🎫10 yuan, free until the end of March 2023) ➡️ **Maojiabu**: Can be described as the hidden green wonderland of West Lake. Every March, large patches of February orchids bloom by the water, accompanied by vast greenery, super pleasing to the eye ➡️ **Turtle Pool**: Like stepping into a tranquil fairyland, the pool water is super clear, with few pedestrians on the road, and various flowers in full bloom ➡️ **Flower Harbor**: An excellent spot in Hangzhou for cherry blossom viewing, also incredibly beautiful for ancient-style photography ➡️ **Bathing Wild Goose Bay**: At the entrance, you can see the famous Jihong Bridge, a very characteristic long bridge design. This place is not crowded even on weekends, making it a quiet secret spot of West Lake ➡️ **Prince Bay Park**: Large fields of tulips bloom in March, resembling a garden from Monet's paintings (Tulip season requires advance reservatio
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Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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thanks for sharing 😆Will try this soon😍
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