men's Day Xixi Tour Guide

Women's Day is coming, and Xixi Wetland has prepared a special tour guide for you, so that you can enjoy a wonderful time in the season of blooming flowers. 🚗 Transportation Guide: * It is recommended to drive or take public transportation to Xixi Wetland. * Self-driving tourists can navigate to the Zhoujiacun entrance of Xixi Wetland. Plum Blossom Feast: * From February 10th to March 31st, it is the peak blooming period of plum blossoms in Xixi, with the fragrance of plum blossoms filling the air, a beauty to behold. * It is recommended to stroll along Meixiang Road and experience the freshness and tranquility of plum blossoms. Xixi Surrounding Stove Plum Exploration Package: * Join friends on a rowing boat 'Qu Shui Xun Mei', enjoy the tranquil river scenery. * Gather around the stove at Xixi Meishu to brew tea, savor traditional tea culture, and feel the warmth of the spring sun. * Package price: 588 yuan/boat/2-4 people, 768 yuan/boat/5-6 people. Women's Day Trip: * Take a sightseeing electric boat to admire the wetland scenery and learn about the life of Xixi's original inhabitants. * Visit the Mulberry Silk Story Museum, Xixi Wedding Customs Museum, Xixi Renjia, and other attractions to experience the charm of traditional culture. * Enjoy a canopy afternoon tea or a surrounding stove tea at the Yanshui Fisherman's Botanical Garden, relaxing your body and mind. * Package price: 200 yuan/person (minimum of 10 people). Tips: * Please wear comfortable shoes for long walks. * Remember to bring sunscreen and a sun hat to protect yourself. * Try to choose non-holiday periods to avoid crowded crowds. May you have a pleasant and unforgettable time at Xixi Wetland during Women's Da
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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