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Lingyin Temple offers the most serene Zen spirit as a gift to everyone who gets up early

Lingyin Temple is really noisy, I never dare to go in during the daytime on weekends, but... I often long for it... Fortunately, every early morning has never let me down... Catching the first wave of temple entry at opening time, to experience the first wave of tranquil Zen spirit, is truly worthwhile: The pouring sunlight penetrates the forest and spills over the entire temple, creating Tyndall light that even a phone can capture; The mottled light and shadow on each hall and yellow wall, feeling with the naked eye how romantic the sunlight can be... 📍: Lingyin Temple 🔍 Specific address: Inside the Feilai Peak Scenic Area 🏞️ Nearby attractions: Feilai Peak, Yongfu Temple, Santianzhu 🚌 Recommended transportation: Bus - Lingyin Station, Taxi 🎫 Ticket: 45+30💰, Temple Card + Park Card 🆓
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Posted: May 24, 2024
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Lingyin Temple

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