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Harbin Hotel Recommendations! The Habsburg is so worth it, the 180-degree river view room is amazing!

Visiting Harbin, the principles for booking a hotel are to be close to Central Street, have a good environment, and not be too expensive! The location is very convenient, Habsburg Hotel is near Central Street, close to the Songhua River, Saint Sophia Cathedral, and Central Street, all within walking distance. The rooms are very spacious, even the bathrooms are very large, and the facilities are complete, including a garment steamer, humidifier, etc. The service is impeccable, there are staff to help with luggage when entering and leaving, and if there are available rooms, you can check in early. We arrived in the morning around nine, and the staff hurried to clean, and after a short wait, we moved into our room. Our garment steamer was not working well, and the staff went back and forth several times to help us troubleshoot. During breakfast, the staff pays attention to guests who need help, even helping to watch children haha, and they also deliver afternoon tea to the room every day, with cookies and chocolate. Address: No. 184 Youyi Road (by the Songhua River) Hotel Style: The architectural style of Harbin Habsburg Hotel is unique. It blends European classical architecture with traditional Chinese elements. It gives a sense of grandeur and magnificence, as soon as you enter the lobby, you will be shocked by the luxurious decorations and carefully designed details. The rooms offer a charming river view, when you open the curtains, a magnificent river scene unfolds before your eyes, you can sit on the comfortable bed, enjoying the beautiful view of the lights at night, as if you are in a fairy tale world.
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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Harbin Central Street Habsburg Hotel (Sofia Church)

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Near Songhua River Sightseeing Cableway|Harbin Central Avenue/Saint Sophia Cathedral/The Memorial Tower of Fig, Harbin
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