Harbin Treasure Museum: Discover Mammoth and Dinosaur Fossils!

In Harbin, there is a little-known museum where you can find fossils of mammoths and dinosaurs, as well as specimens of various animals from around the world. This is the Maple Town branch of the Heilongjiang Provincial Museum. Admission is free, and the museum not only has a large number of Ice Age animal fossils such as woolly rhinos, mammoths, and Northeastern wild oxen, but also specimens of African wildlife like zebras, antelopes, and warthogs. It's definitely worth a visit and a great place to increase knowledge for kids. Check-in Strategy: The Maple Town branch of the Provincial Museum is located inside Maple Town on Zhongyuan Avenue in the Songbei District, on the second floor. The museum offers free admission. To get to Maple Town, you can take a bus or drive yourself; the transportation is very convenient!
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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