Super Unique Ramen @ Dimensional Style

Although I often eat many different dishes, I am actually a complete ramen fanatic! So whenever there's a new ramen shop or a new flavor of ramen, I'm eager to try it out. I like the Dimensional Style, which has just launched three very distinctive ramens, and of course, I took the first opportunity to go taste them with my dad. As soon as I stepped into the ramen shop, I saw this Maneki-neko! It's very auspicious and even filled with candies inside, allowing everyone to have a sweet treat after their ramen, which is so thoughtful. I was fortunate enough to meet the champion ramen master Lin Longchen in person that night and even got to taste the three new ramens he personally made. For a ramen fanatic like me, it was truly an honor. After finding a nice spot to sit, we first ordered drinks. Dad suddenly got in the mood for alcohol and ordered a bottle of dark beer to go with the ramen! This Coedo Shikkoku $58 has a roasted aroma of coffee and chocolate, and is a dark beer with a light and smooth taste. I like sugar-free drinks, so I ordered this Genmaicha $28, which goes very well with the rich-flavored ramen. First, I tried this bowl of Aburi Pork Dandan Noodles $158. The beautifully charred pork dandan noodles combined with the super rich dipping sauce resulted in a bowl of ramen with a distinctive Chinese flavor. The charred pork slices are seasoned with chicken scallop salt and chicken soy sauce, making them savory and deliciously smooth. The thick noodles made from Hokkaido Yume no Chikara wheat flour are very chewy and al dente, which is exactly the texture I like. The dipping sauce is made with a rich chicken broth, sesame paste, miso paste, and chili oil, creating a super rich flavor that combines umami, fragrance, and spiciness! Friends who like strong flavors definitely shouldn't miss it. After finishing the noodles, you can add soy milk soup $19 to the remaining dipping sauce at a 1:1 ratio to fully enjoy the last bit of flavor. The Chicken Soy Sauce Ramen $158 is definitely a must-try! The soup base is made from the shop's signature soy sauce ramen transformed into a chicken soy sauce broth, with the addition of my favorite sweet and fresh shellfish, giving the soup a very layered flavor. The ramen comes with a red-hearted egg that I like to eat, and the bright red yolk is really intoxicating! Moreover, it's marinated so well that it adds even more charm to the ramen. The three secret char siu toppings in the ramen are also very attractive! I've already introduced the charred Hokkaido Tokachi pork, so I won't go into detail again! The herb charred chicken char siu is made from Awaodori chicken thigh meat marinated with various seasonings. The retained chicken skin is aromatic after being charred, and the meat is tender and juicy. The Yuzu Chicken Char Siu is made from Awaodori chicken breast, which is very elastic and has a special texture and a fresh and delicious flavor. The ramen with a sweet and fragrant soup base is very appetizing, and the noodles are to my liking, so delicious that I can't stop eating! We also ordered the Mentaiko Soy Milk Chicken Broth Ramen $158 to share! Because I saw that this ramen contains my favorite mentaiko, this combination is really rare! I was also deeply attracted by the cute little chicken spoon, and I wonder where I can get one!! This visually appealing bowl is the Mentaiko Soy Milk Chicken Broth Ramen. The rich milky white soup base really whets the appetite! Taking a sip of the soy milk chicken broth, the rich taste left a deep impression on me. The most anticipated topping in the ramen is definitely the mentaiko! Completely blending it into the thick soup adds a lot of savory flavor, making the chicken broth even richer. Additionally, truffle oil, rock seaweed, and mustard grains are added, making the flavor rich and unique, definitely a new flavor I've never tasted before. The three types of ramen are available from now until April 30th after 2 pm! All three are limited to 20 bowls per day, so friends who want to try them should go early.
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Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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