How can you say you've been to Hong Kong if you haven't done these 6 things?

🎊To experience the authentic Hong Kong and its local flavor, these activities are a must‼️❗️ . 🌀①Go to the Peak to overlook Hong Kong and take pictures of the Victoria Harbour night view If you want to take photos of Hong Kong, more than half of the people would choose to go to the Peak, which is the best spot to capture Victoria Harbour There are various ways to get to the Peak, and for a more unique experience, you can take the century-old tram to the top. As the red vintage tram car slowly climbs up, the view becomes increasingly expansive, and the panoramic view of Victoria Harbour unfolds before you, which is truly breathtaking . 🌀②Ride the century-old Star Ferry⛴ across Victoria Harbour The old cross-harbour transport that has been serving Hong Kong for over a hundred years is also the cheapest mode of transportation in Hong Kong. There are two routes: Tsim Sha Tsui-Central and Tsim Sha Tsui-Wan Chai, with the Tsim Sha Tsui-Central route being more suitable for sightseeing. You can choose to sit on the second floor or by the window for a better view . 🌀③Take the tram🚎 and roam around Hong Kong The double-decker tram that circles the city area of Hong Kong is one of the oldest modes of transportation in Hong Kong, with a history of over a hundred years. Riding the tram, accompanied by the 'ding ding... ding ding...' of the tram bell, weaving through the streets of Hong Kong, you can savor the street scenes and experience the most distinctive local culture . 🌀④Stroll through the Central Market and taste the local Hong Kong flavor Central is like a miniature version of Hong Kong, with both urban prosperity and traditional markets. It's fashionable, exquisite, and full of life. Whether you're eating, taking photos, or enjoying the Hong Kong-style blockbuster scenes and movie locations, a City walk is not to be missed . 🌀⑤Find an authentic cha chaan teng🍮 and taste the Hong Kong food culture Hong Kong's cha chaan tengs, akin to a civilian, homestyle Western restaurant, have been washed and settled by Chinese and Western cultures over the years. Whether it's Hong Kong-style milk tea, lemon tea, French toast, or pineapple bun, it's not just about the food itself; it's about experiencing the local culture of Hong Kong . 🌀⑥Visit Temple Street to find movie locations and experience life in Hong Kong dramas For those who love Hong Kong dramas, Temple Street holds many memories. With the flickering neon lights, street vendors, and the many affordable items sold at the night market... Through the screen, you can immerse yourself and become the protagonist of your own movie . 🍄🍄With so many places to visit, don't worry about how to enjoy them, the itinerary is also arranged for you 🎈Day1: Arrive in Hong Kong, free to go to Hong Kong's gourmet street for check-in 🎈Day2: West Kowloon Art Park-Hong Kong Palace Museum-Tram Roaming Hong Kong Island-Central Legislative Council-The Peak-Golden Bauhinia Square-Star Ferry-Avenue of Stars-Victoria Harbour Night View 🎈Day3: Free activities in Hong Kong all day, or you can go to Disneyland or Ocean Park .
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Posted: Apr 21, 2024
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From where can I the tram to peak?
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