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After many trips to Hong Kong, the 3-day 2-night parent-child travel strategy is here! Now sharing the essence of the parent-child travel guide with everyone! 🧳Luggage Preparation: ✨Identification: ID card (for taking high-speed rail), Hong Kong and Macau Pass. ✨Electronics: Power bank, adapter plug. ✨Funds and Transportation: Octopus card, and you can also use WeChat and Alipay for electronic payments; remember to exchange some Hong Kong dollars in cash before crossing the border. ✨Parent-Child Exclusive: STOKKE YOYO² all-purpose lightweight stroller, Jetkids multifunctional children's suitcase. 👣Hong Kong 3 Days 2 Nights Itinerary Planning: Day 1: Take the high-speed train from Shenzhen to West Kowloon—Visit West Kowloon Cultural District—Go to Tsim Sha Tsui's Avenue of Stars—Visit the Hong Kong Space Museum. Day 2: Take the Star Ferry to Central and stroll—Experience the Central Ferris Wheel—Take the tram to Sheung Wan—Walk and explore Hollywood Road, PMQ, Lan Fong Yuen, Blue House, Tai Kwun, Stone Slab Street, Fringe Club—Take the Peak Tram to Victoria Peak to watch the sunset. Day 3: Have fun at Hong Kong Disneyland—Take the high-speed train back to Shenzhen from West Kowloon Station. ❗️In Hong Kong, these places are not to be missed: 📍West Kowloon Cultural District: It gathers several museums and venues, such as M+, Hong Kong Palace Museum, Freespace, Xiqu Centre, etc. 📍Avenue of Stars: Themed around Hong Kong cinema, you can see the handprints of over 100 celebrities and enjoy the beautiful Victoria Harbour view. 📍K11 Musea: Next to the Avenue of Stars, it is a very design-oriented and humanized mall, very suitable for taking children. 📍Hong Kong Space Museum: Includes the Cosmos Hall and Space Exploration Hall, with highly interactive exhibits and popular science dome movies to watch. 📍Star Ferry: This century-old Hong Kong transportation means offers a view of the beautiful Victoria Harbour from the boat, a must-experience in Hong Kong. 📍Central Ferris Wheel: At the Central Pier by the sea, it costs 20 Hong Kong dollars for three rounds, and there's a luxury ice cream truck when you get off. 📍Tram: For only 3 Hong Kong dollars, you can take the retro tram through the streets and alleys of Hong Kong Island, which is relaxing and enjoyable, and the kids love it. 📍Peak Tram: At sunset, take the 45-degree vintage train up to Victoria Peak, where you can take in the entire Victoria Harbour. 📍Tai Kwun: Once a prison, now an art gallery! With a rich variety of exhibitions, it's both educational and great for photos. 📍Fringe Club: Its predecessor was a dairy warehouse, located at a three-way intersection, witnessing the century-old changes of Central, with a very photogenic three-story building! 📍Hollywood Road: Along the way, there are beautiful Blue House, Lan Fong Yuen, PMQ, etc. 📍Disneyland: Although not large, the attractions are concentrated, and the newly opened Frozen-themed area is very dreamy. 📍Lantau Island: You can take the Ngong Ping 360 cable car to experience the green Lantau Island, with Tai O Village and outlets nearby.
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Posted: May 23, 2024
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