e ancient plum blossom view was unexpectedly amazing! So beautiful! I even captured the frozen plum blossoms

After shooting at the Tiefo Temple in Huzhou, we came to a less popular and off-the-beaten-path plum blossom spot📍the Ancient Plum Blossom View. On the way there, I felt something was off, as the branches on both sides were hanging with ice droplets, and many branches were also bent down onto the road due to the weight they couldn't bear. Upon arriving at the Taoist temple, I was surprised to find the rare sight of frozen plum blossoms, with both the plum blossoms and branches encased in ice, looking crystal clear and translucent, which made me, a person from the south, extremely excited. Moreover, after shooting at the Tiefo Temple, the red walls and plum blossoms of the Taoist temple also had their unique charm. Both colors were very photogenic. Huzhou half-day or one-day plum blossom photography route: ✅Tiefo Temple ✅Ancient Plum Blossom View 📝tips The two places are only a 15-minute drive apart, and the Ancient Plum Blossom View has a parking lot that is directly accessible. There's basically no one there in the morning, so there's no need to go too earl
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Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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