The serene and refined Ancient Plum Blossom Temple in Huzhou

The Pure Yang Palace is located in the Jin Gai Mountain hollow on the outskirts of Huzhou City. It is the local Taoist ancestral temple and one of the larger Taoist temples still existing in Zhejiang Province, surrounded by plum groves, also known as the Ancient Plum Blossom Temple. In the afternoon, the temple was not open, hidden among the lush pines, with plum blossoms nearing the end of their bloom, emitting a faint starlight under the sun, the bamboo lush and verdant, with very few visitors, a picture of tranquility, truly wonderful. On the door, a couplet reads: 'You come as you will, without welcome or invitation; they leave as they please, without farewell or retention,' like an old man who has seen all there is to see.
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Posted: Apr 8, 2024
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Ancient Plum Blossom Temple, Jingai Mountain

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