I would call it the best state guesthouse hotel by Lake Taihu

Nantaihu Villa, the hotel faces Lake Taihu and is backed by Xiaomei Mountain, offering the best view of Huzhou's landmarks, managed by the Kaiyuan Group. The hotel is large, and some rooms require a shuttle bus. The lobby is on the 7th floor of Building 2, surrounded by lush vegetation, making it a great place for recuperation. Food: There is a Starbucks in the lobby for afternoon tea. Buffet dinners are available on Friday and Saturday nights, and the Chinese restaurant is reasonably priced on weekdays. Transportation: When taking a taxi, make sure to write Building 2; otherwise, you'll be dropped off at the parking lot. Across the road from the hotel is Moon Square, very close to the bustling Dragon Dream, and there is a direct bus to the city's Yishang Street and Xiaoxi Street. Because the hotel is of state guesthouse level, it often hosts VIPs. The only downside is that the hotel is not family-friendly, with little for children to play with, and is more geared towards upscale business. If I were to travel to Huzhou, I would prefer to stay here.
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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