It's no exaggeration to say that Xinjiang's summer is simply unbeatable in China

😜It's no exaggeration to say that Xinjiang's summer is simply unbeatable in China! 🤩Anyone who has experienced a summer in Xinjiang will deeply agree with this! From June to August, Yili is stunningly beautiful! 😍Friends who want to visit Xinjiang can start planning now~ Keep in mind, during the peak season, the prices for flights and hotels can skyrocket! 📈 🌅The summer in Xinjiang, with its snow-capped mountains, lakes, forest cabins, meadows with flocks of sheep, and hillsides covered with wildflowers... is simply a legendary existence in my heart! ✨ 📸Must-visit scenic spots: 🛣Duku Highway: The entire route is filled with beautiful scenery, a snapshot is all it takes to capture a masterpiece! However, it might get congested during the peak season~😭 🗻Kanas: The home of the lake monster, the Switzerland of the East, it's like a fairyland on earth! 😜 🎄Hemu: It's like a fairy tale world here, a must-visit in summer! Surrounded by a sea of flowers, it's like stepping into a dream! 🤩 🌊Sayram Lake: Truly the last tear of the Atlantic, when the weather is good, the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful! 😍 🎡Chaxi Forest Park: Entering here is like stepping into a Miyazaki anime world, and there are cute marmots too! 🐹 🖼Tangbula Hundred Mile Gallery: Every step is a scene, as beautiful as a painting! 🤩 🌸Lavender Base: Sisters who love to take photos are in for a treat! This is the Provence that's more suitable for the physique of Chinese babies! 🌷 ⚠️Things to note: 1. Weather: The weather in Xinjiang is like a child's face, it changes when it says it will, allowing you to experience the four seasons in a day! 😄So remember to 'wear cotton in the morning and gauze in the afternoon'~ 2. Clothing: There is a large temperature difference between day and night in Xinjiang, even during the hot months of July and August, it can get quite cold at night, so make sure to prepare warm clothes! 🧥 3. Sun protection: Some areas are at high altitudes with very strong ultraviolet rays, remember to bring sun protection items, otherwise, be careful not to get sunburned into a little black charcoal! 🕶 4. Transportation: The roads are straight which can cause visual fatigue, so be careful not to speed! 🚗 5. Medication: Stomach medicine, cold medicine, motion sickness medicine... these common medicines should all be brought along, and don't forget mosquito repellent! 🎯 6. Shoes: Sitting in a car for a long time can be uncomfortable, having a pair of plastic slippers or disposable slippers can make your journey more comfortable! 👟 🚌8 Days 7 Nights Itinerary: Day1: Departure place - Urumqi🚩 Day2: Urumqi - Sayram Lake - Lavender Farm - Huocheng/Yining🌻 Day3: Huocheng/Yining - Xiat'a - Tianma River - Tekes🦄 Day4: Tekes - Qiongkushitai - Tekes🎪 Day5: Tekes - Kalajun Grassland - Xinyuan🐎 Day6: Xinyuan - Narat - Bayanbulak🎉 Day7: Bayanbulak - Northern Duku Highway - Urumqi🎈 Day8: Urumqi - Time to go home🤗 Xinjiang doesn't need much promotion, because everyone who has been here will regret not coming sooner! 😜If possible, you must visit Yili in the summer, every frame here is like a computer wallpaper! 🖼What are you waiting for? Come and experience this beautiful feast! 😎
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Posted: Apr 4, 2024
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