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Istanbul Truly Romantic 🌸🇹🇷

#cherryblossom2024 One day, you will find yourself in Istanbul, feeling a bit like a busy railway station 🚉. There's a mix of cultures and religions, lots of tricks, and high prices. The rich areas in Europe and Asia are quite clean and error-free. The city is full of good food, but it's hard to eat in the old castle area. When it comes to the southern cities with more ancient history, like Rome and Byzantium, there's a romantic vibe in Türkiye. Istanbul seems distant from many countries, and the gap between the real experience and the hype is huge. The old city's urban culture mainly consists of two churches and countless souvenir shops, missing the true Türkiye culture experience. The religious influence is strong, and it's challenging to assess the street order. The ethnic diversity is notable, with refugees and scammers present. Prices are high, the population is diverse, and there's a lack of order. If you're looking for Ottoman culture, it's better to read books at home rather than feel it here. Istanbul's beauty might not be as breathtaking as you expect, so exploring other countries could be more rewarding. Everyone has different views, but Türkiye still recommends a visit, although it doesn't guarantee a profound group experience. 🕌🇹🇷
Posted: Apr 27, 2024
Melanie Hanson
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