Saudi | Jeddah day trip, you definitely deserve to have

🚗General route Jeddah city high-speed rail station—Old city area Old Jeddah, Al Balad—Corniche and King Fahad's Fountain on the seafront—New Jeddah Corniche—Al Rahmah Mosque on the sea—Airport 🚗Attractions introduction 1. The King Fahad Fountain: This highest fountain in the world (312m) is located on the Jeddah seafront boulevard, one of the city's landmarks. It is recommended to come here in the evening to experience the Red Sea sunset, which has a unique beauty. 2. Jeddah Corniche: Beach sea view, you can walk, ride a bicycle or take a cruise to enjoy the coastline. There are also many cafes and restaurants, suitable for dining or afternoon tea. Watching the sunset is also good. The New Corniche is in the new city area, and my feeling is that it is an extended coastal boulevard. 3. Old Jeddah (AI-Balad): Although it's shabby, walking in it really has a feeling of traveling through time. All the houses in the old city are built from corals deep in the Red Sea. The old city is now being repaired, some places are under construction, but it does not affect the visit. There are also many museums and coffee shops in the old city, which are suitable for strolling. 4. Al Rahmah Mosque on the sea, also called floating mosque. It's actually on the shore, if you want to visit, pay attention to the dress in advance. The community next to it feels quite good, with many restaurants and coffee shops. 🚗The above route is more smooth in this way, but it may not be enough to go around in one day, and taking a taxi is actually quite expensive. I personally think it's worth going to the old city, if you have a day's time, I would recommend half a day here. If you have more time, you can also go to the red sea mall, but I feel it's quite ordinary when I pass by. If you have the opportunity, I recommend experiencing the high-speed rail, the high-speed rail station is very beautifully built.
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Posted: Jan 22, 2024
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