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🚗Jeddah Marriott Hotel Medina Road is known for its superior location in the heart of Jeddah's business center, in addition to being close to King Abdulaziz International Airport, the coastal waterfront area, and within walking distance to Jeddah International Exhibition and Convention Center, it meets all the requirements of those who come, as it provides all the elements of entertainment and comfort. Nearby are shopping centers, including the Arab Shopping Center, Red Sea Shopping Center. It is also an ideal place for holding meetings and conferences. 🚗Personal experience 1. The location is excellent, close to the airport. This is also the main reason I chose the hotel. 2. The hotel is very modern, not the same decoration style as Marriott hotels in China, it looks more modern. 3. Because I am a Titanium card, the basic room I booked temporarily was also upgraded to a suite. The front desk guy said that it's rare to see this here, so he always feels very honored😂 4. The lounge is open 24h, there is something to eat in the morning, middle and evening, you can swipe your card, you can also get sparkling water at midnight. Good feeling +1 5. The room facilities are very advanced, it should be stronger than most Marriott in China. The only drawback is that the room faces the main road Medina Road, and the sound of cars on the road can still be heard. 6. Breakfast starts at 6:30, surprisingly, the coffee can be changed to milk, good feeling➕1. 7. I saw the photos of the swimming pool taken by others on the map, which are also very beautiful. Because there was not enough time, I took a random shot. There is also a small children's playground next to it.
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Posted: Feb 12, 2024
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Jeddah Marriott Hotel Madinah Road

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