birth: I Beat Up the Bootlicker Fei Yangyang in Sheep Village!!!

Hello everyone, I am Sai🐑🐑, and I am currently very anxious. I was actually pressured into marriage during the Spring Festival, all because there are too many bootlickers, resulting in no 🐑 that fancy me. Taking advantage of the Lantern Festival to return to the village, I must teach Fei🐑🐑 a lesson! Below is the memoir of my rebirth For 50💰, enjoy the fairy tale world of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf! The park is quite small, very suitable for bringing children🧒! You can play all day long, and it won't be too tiring for adults! As soon as you enter the amusement park, you are shocked by the huge treehouse✌️ Everywhere you can see wall paintings of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf~ On the way to get a stamp at Grandpa Sheep's Book Society, the scenery also has a feeling of the urban-rural fringe, with self-built houses, half-painted houses, and Sheep Village renovated houses🏠 It just feels very rustic - 🌟Ant's Home: Treehouse and spiral slide muscles 🌟Spider's Justice Captures Big Big Wolf: A huge climbing frame, with rope bridges and Ant's Home, as well as challenging net ropes, swings, trampolines 🌟Fruit City Adventure: Take the little train🚚 as if you've traveled into the 2D Fruit City, shooting towards the target! 🌟Sheep Village Defense: The water-spraying project that children like, as well as the rotating flying cars, so so so happy🎉! - 🌟Dining: Pleasant Goat Restaurant & Big Big Wolf Coffee House (Mainly simple meals, pasta, burgers, snacks, and drinks) 🌟Grandpa Sheep's Book Society: A bookstore where children can read and rest Creative Workshop: With graffiti dolls, building blocks 🌟Play Tips: Admission ticket is 50 yuan/person, free for children under 1m, unlimited entry and exit on the same day, the ticket includes a single ride on two amusement facilities, and it's 20 yuan/ride to continue playing 🕐Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (entry stops at 16:30) 📍Address: Intersection of Zhenbei Road and Yaozhuan North Road, Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Provin
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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