iving past those thrilling mountain roads, with a driving guide

After 10 years of road trips, we have encountered and experienced countless winding mountain roads. In fact, many roads have more than just eighteen turns, like this newly discovered route that has forty-nine turns. ❶Zixiagong 49 Turns This road is located in Dongchuan, Kunming, Yunnan, and the endpoint is Zixiagong. The satellite map, navigation diagram, and the distant view of the road can only be described with astonishment. In the past, it was generally only accessible by foot or motorcycle, but now, due to the development of the Guniujiang scenic area, the local authorities have maintained the road, and it is now possible to drive up the mountain. 🚙Driving Guide Summer is the peak travel season for the Guniujiang scenic area, with more vehicles, so please follow the local traffic signs and drive slowly. ❷Nujiang 72 Turns Besides the Zixiagong 49 Turns, we also recently passed the Nujiang 72 Turns on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway G318, a dangerous section. Yela Mountain is a big mountain, and the Sichuan-Tibet Highway is a major road. The Nujiang 72 Turns have countless turns, hence there are also names like '99 Turns' and '108 Turns'. Some people have measured and found that there are only more turns, not fewer. However, in terms of vertical height and slope, the 72 Turns are not as thrilling as the 49 Turns. 🚙Driving Guide Currently, the main road construction is on the Yela Mountain section of the G318, which is in poor condition and has increased the difficulty of driving. It is necessary to obey traffic rules and drive carefully. Let me briefly introduce some other winding roads we have passed before. ❸Qinglong 24 Turns This was a vital transportation artery during the Second World War for the China-India-Burma campaign. Shortly after its completion, it became an important road for transporting materials. The vertical height and slope of the Qinglong 24 Turns are quite significant. 🚙Driving Guide Currently, it is a scenic area road, and only scenic shuttle vehicles can drive up the mountain. ❹Shenxianchi 28 Turns A newly built tourist road within the Jiuzhaigou scenic area. Its characteristics are sharp turns, steep slopes, few vehicles, and good road conditions. The high-altitude viewing platform on the road offers a magnificent view of the Min Mountains and the winding road. The road ends at a lesser-known travel destination in Jiuzhaigou: Shenxianchi. 🚙Driving Guide There are few vehicles in this area and the road conditions are good, please control your speed when driving. ❺Yiliang 68 Turns In just a 7-kilometer journey, there are more than 60 turns, a miracle that occurs on this ordinary commuting road from Jinganshao Village to Yiliang County. Today, starting from the 68 Turns road and extending to Jinganshao Village, it is a popular travel destination for people around Kunming. 🚙Driving Guide The road conditions are good but there are many vehicles, please control your speed and drive carefully. ▶️The above content is summarized based on personal travel experiences, please forgive any omissions. ▶️Due to the timeliness, some scenes may have changed, please refer to the current situation. ▶️Location information is provided by websites, for more detailed information please leave a message. ▶️All the scenic spots traveled by Caicaijuaner and Mr. Dog are accessible by car. 🔸🔹🔸 If you like road trips and prefer the road less traveled, please listen to the stories from Caicaijuaner.
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Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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