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No one can resist the charm of the adorable Las Vegas

✈️ After flying more than ten thousand kilometers, I really want to see this cute sphere! 📍 This is the sphere in Las Vegas, a gigantic spherical building that cost 2.3 billion US dollars! The exterior of the building is a huge LED screen, and the most popular feature is the emoji display. 🪩 Such a beautiful sphere, if you put up a sign saying 'I miss you so much in Las Vegas,' the 2.3 billion would suddenly seem cheap 😂. Of course, this is just a joke. ▶️ The video is constantly looping, with advertisements and special effects. To see the emoji, you usually have to wait 20-30 minutes. You can see it in many places in Las Vegas. Here are a few free photo spots that offer great angles and are perfect for pictures: 1⃣️ The skybridge between Wynn and Plazzo You can capture the sphere and the traffic on the road from here. There is glass on the skybridge that blocks the view, so you need to shoot through the gaps in the glass. There is a small unobstructed area on the left side of the skybridge. 2⃣️ The 3rd floor of the Cromwell Hotel parking lot This spot is close to the monorail station, and the view from the third-floor parking lot is almost unobstructed, allowing you to capture the monorail train and the sphere in the same frame. 3⃣️ Flamingo monorail station This location is completely unobstructed and closer to the sphere, but you need to buy a ticket and take the train to get there. 4⃣️ The intersection of Paradise Rd and Sands Ave This road is very close to the sphere, and the sense of extension of the road surface matches well with the sphere. 5⃣️ World Trade Center parking lot Silver Dr near South Hall, the taillights of the cars on the road and the palm trees, along with the distant sphere, create a feeling of an apocalyptic sunset.
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Posted: Mar 28, 2024
Sahil Nagpal
Kim Chouinard
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