Liaocheng Canal Museum|An immersive journey through the canal transportation

|An immersive journey through the canal transportation.📍Museum location: Outside the north side of the ancient city, by the bank of Dongchang Lake ✨Museum exterior: Resembles a giant sailless ship ✨Museum introduction: Just underwent a renovation and upgrade in January 2023, with a completely refreshed interior display. 🎈Visitor guide: 1️⃣ Enter through the main hall to view the Yuan Dynasty canal boats. 2️⃣ You can choose to start the tour from the upper floors or follow the guide map. 3️⃣ The fourth floor has a 'Fly Over the Grand Canal' 3D screening room, and after the film, visit the permanent exhibitions in order. 🎥'Fly Over the Grand Canal': A naked-eye 3D experience short film, with a perspective as if flying over the canal on a magic carpet, intertwining ancient and modern times. 📚Permanent exhibition: Uses multimedia methods, such as projections, miniature landscapes, sand tables, touch screens, etc., offering a more intuitive 3D display compared to 2D text. 📝Canal culture: Has a long history, integrating civil engineering, shipbuilding, canal transportation, canal management, and coastal customs, among others.
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Posted: Mar 9, 2024
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