Don't just go to the ancient city when you come to Lijiang, I highly recommend this niche attraction!

You don't have to squeeze with people here in Lijiang, you can see the sunrise over the Golden Mountain at a close distance, which is located next to the ancient city of Lijiang, the Black Dragon Pool. Don't miss this place when you come to Lijiang (with a map of the shooting location). About transportation: Location: Black Dragon Pool Park, Lijiang Train: Lijiang Station Plane: Sanyi Airport It is recommended to stay near the ancient city of Lijiang, where it is convenient for food, accommodation and transportation! ☑️About the attraction Black Dragon Pool, also known as Jade Spring Park, is located at the foot of Xiangshan Mountain in the north of the city. It is one of the 4A scenic spots in Lijiang. The history can be traced back to the Qianlong period. You can see a clear and crystal pool of water when you enter, with an area of about 40,000 square meters. The park is beautifully designed with mountains and water, surrounded by beautiful mountains and water, and dotted with classical architecture, which complement each other. The sunrise over the Golden Mountain here is unique! 1⃣️Jietuo Forest If you go straight from the main entrance, you will reach here first, which is also the position facing the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. I personally like it here the most, the shooting location here will have the most positive sunrise over the Golden Mountain. 2⃣️Suicui Bridge If you go forward, it is the Suicui Bridge. Among them, I think the most outstanding one is this bridge, which can take a full panoramic view. 3⃣️Wanshou Pavilion This is also a very good shooting location, where you can sit and wait for the sunrise over the Golden Mountain, but you need to go early, as there are not many places here. 4⃣️Five-hole Bridge The bridge facing the Jietuo Forest, where you can take close-up shots of the sunrise over the Golden Mountain. Tips 1. There is an entrance fee here, also known as the ancient city maintenance fee. It is recommended to go in before 7:20 in the morning without an entrance fee. 2. Everyone must pay attention to the sunrise time to avoid missing it. It is still very cold in Lijiang in the morning, so keep warm
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Posted: Feb 7, 2024
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