I am the freest wind on the prairie

Rush to the mountains and seas, keep the passion The long-awaited Tibetan costume photo shoot is finally arranged, The costume chosen is the super popular Yujin Tang, (it costs 138/day to rent this set of clothes online, and there is no makeup) The makeup is amazing, it's so beautiful! The photographer is very professional, you don't have to think about the actions yourself, The shooting process is very happy~ I really want every photo in the post-production selection!!! · This is my first travel photo shoot, There are many, many photo studios in Lijiang, The prices are also uneven, I chose this one after a long time, The whole process is about three hours, The main thing is that the makeup time is a bit longer, It takes about 20 minutes to go out to the snow mountain pasture, The shooting process is also very fast~
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Posted: Feb 17, 2024
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