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Lijiang Ancient Town, also known as "Dayan Ancient Town", has a history of 800 years, a 5A-level scenic spot, and an important passage of the ancient "Tea Horse Road" and "Southern Silk Road". "Wooden ancient buildings, stone roads, oil-paper umbrellas, and the ancient charm of the south of the Yangtze River" is the best description of the ancient city. This is a must-visit place for every tourist who comes to Lijiang. Transportation guide: *: Direct to Lijiang Sanyi Airport, the airport has a special bus to and from the ancient city. : Get off at Lijiang Railway Station and take the bus to the ancient city. Tour route: South Gate of Lijiang Ancient City - 71st Street - Zhenxing Street - Dashiqiao - Lion Mountain - Xianwen Lane - Sifang Street - Xinhua Street - Dayan Flower Lane → Lijiang Eye Viewing Platform - North Gate Big Waterwheel Check-in spots: ①Big Waterwheel: A must-visit landmark building in Lijiang Ancient City, with many wish cards hanging next to it, and a bar street next to it, which is very lively at night ②Sifang Street: Located in the center of Lijiang Ancient City, the busiest street, the bar street extends from the big waterwheel to here, during the day there are Naxi grandmothers dancing, you can hold hands and dance together ③71st Street: This street extends to the south gate of Lijiang, the must-pass road to Mu's Mansion and Zhongyi Market ④Mu's Mansion: The filming location of "Mu's Mansion Wind and Cloud", the ticket includes free explanation, the royal palace worth visiting ⑤Lion Mountain: The highest point of the ancient city, it takes about 10 minutes to climb up, you can see the whole view and night view of Lijiang ⑥Dayan Flower Lane: The only performance in the ancient city "Meet. Lijiang", the viewing platform can overlook the ancient city, and there are many intangible cultural heritage shops and wish cards ⑦Eye of Lijiang: Located at the entrance and exit of Dayan Flower Lane in the ancient city, you can overlook the Wangu Tower and the ancient city scenery of Lion Mountain, the night view is very brilliant Accommodation: There are many homestays in the ancient town Food: Grandma's smoked ribs; Spoon rice noodles; Wild mushroom smoked ribs, flower cakes and other snacks
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Posted: Feb 18, 2024
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Lijiang Ancient City

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