Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture - Jade Dragon - Kunming Trip

🚗🚗🚗Travel Route: Day1: Kunming Jiahua Plaza Hotel → Fuzhao Building Steam Pot Chicken Restaurant (Jinjiang Store) → Night Owl Firepot Barbecue (Joy City Store) Day2: Kunming Old Street → Fat Big Bowl Small Pot Rice Noodles (Xindulongcheng Store) → Dali Station → Rent a car → Dali Cloud End·sky Ocean View Homestay (Erhai Park Store) → Erhai Park → Dali Ancient Town → Jingshan•Century Old Courtyard Restaurant (Wang Family Old House Store) Day3: Shuanglang → Liuyue·Forten → Zhishi·Mountain Wild Art Homestay (Snow Mountain View Resort Hotel) Day4: Lijiang Ancient Town → Dianxi Prince·Lijiang Naxi Tusi Culture Restaurant (Mufu Bailong Square Store) → Lijiang Eternal Love → Lijiang Pullman Resort Hotel Day5: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain → Wilderness Nation → Lijiang Pullman Resort Hotel Day6:✈️Return trip (Had to drive all the way because I couldn't grab a high-speed train ticket)
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 24, 2024
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Near South Ring RD Metro Station|Railway Station Area, Kunming
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