me to Lijiang and rent a small courtyard with friends, have a barbecue, and enjoy a weekend with some drinks~

🌻What does a perfect weekend look like? It's a vacation, it's going to the countryside, it's renting a small courtyard It's eating barbecue with a few good friends Playing cards, boiling tea around the stove, and talking about life while sipping on drinks Escaping the city, letting the tense nerves relax Coming to the exquisite Yitao Yuan Homestay Where you can heartily enjoy skewers and drinks With sizzling hot oil and the aroma of meat filling the air🍖 Barbecue and the night sky, memories of the night Enjoying the slightly tipsy moments with friends. In the courtyard of the Xiangyu Light Luxury Holiday Villa in Lijiang, slowly savor the world's simple pleasures. - 🏠Homestay: Lijiang Xiangyu Light Luxury Holiday Villa 📍Location: Building 120, Tianyu Sunshine Furu Yuan, Gucheng District, Lijiang - 🏡The courtyard is located at the main entrance of Shuhe Ancient Town in Lijiang With a broad view, overlooking the continuous mountains~ The Jiangnan style with white walls and green tiles Every step in the courtyard reveals a different scenery The home is warm, with soft lighting and couch mattresses Spend a perfect holiday here🌼 - 🛏Homestay Rooms The rooms are super big, each room is beautifully decorated, and the bedding even includes eiderdown quilts, comparable to the mattresses of star-rated hotels, very comfortable to sleep at night, the rooms are clean and tidy, just love this feeling, pull open the curtains and you can see the beautiful snow mountain scenery~ The homestay at the foot of the snow mountain allows for a closer appreciation of the snow mountain's beauty~ The boss even upgraded our room type for free, very nice!!! - I've always wanted to have a wild barbecue, and this courtyard makes it possible, there's also a super large garden, fairy stick fireworks at night🎆, play here for a day, happiness is full in minute
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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Lijiang Xiangyu Light Luxury Snow Mountain Holiday Villa

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Near Snow Mountain Art Town|Shuhe Old Town, Lijiang
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Lijiang Xiangyu Light Luxury Snow Mountain Holiday Villa
Lijiang Xiangyu Light Luxury Snow Mountain Holiday Villa