took a special trip to Lijiang just for these photos

I had long looked forward to visiting the ancient city beneath the snow-capped mountains, and today I finally got to see it. It's truly breathtaking to see the snow mountains wherever you go. After a whole day of intense walking, I've summarized a list of photo spots for everyone. Friends visiting Lijiang, don't miss out~ - 📍Black Dragon Pool - Suocui Bridge. It's 1km away from Lijiang Ancient Town, enter from the south gate of Black Dragon Pool, and it opens at 7:30 in the morning. There was no admission fee when I went. There will be many people exercising in the morning and tour groups. To capture the sunlit Golden Mountain with Yuelou and Wukong Bridge in the same frame, it's recommended to arrive early to secure a spot. 2⃣📍Lijiang Ancient Town - Sister Li's Bear Inn. Navigate to the nearby area, and when you see the 'Appointment' guesthouse, turn left and continue uphill to reach it. It's a viewing platform in front of several guesthouses with a great view, where you can capture the ancient town and the snow mountain in the same frame. 3⃣📍Lijiang Ancient Town - Wangu Tower. Located on Lion Hill, the admission fee is 35💰. The tower has 5 floors, with the 4th floor being a rest area where you can sit, and the 5th floor has an even better view. P6, P7 are windows on the 4th floor. P8-P10 are the steps down from Wangu Tower heading east to the second viewing platform, where you can overlook the entire ancient town. P11, P12 are right outside the exit next to the second viewing platform. 4⃣📍The alleys within Lijiang Ancient Town. 5⃣📍Lijiang Ancient Town - Mu Mansion - Zhongyi Square. 6⃣📍Lijiang Ancient Town - Sister Pharmacy (Yihe Store). Navigate here and there's a slope going up to a place where tricycles are parked, with two windows offering a nice view, where you can capture the ancient town and the snow mountain in the same frame. 7⃣📍Lijiang Ancient Town - Yanmei South Gate Parking Lot (entrance and exit) nearby. - 📷: Sony α6100 + Tamron 17
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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