Lijiang Ancient City|Super Detailed One-Day Tour Guide

"Walking through the ancient lanes, supporting the old dreams, tasting the mellow feelings of the years", such scenes always make people yearn for. Lijiang Ancient City is so charming, the ancient city is brilliant at night, the moving folk songs from the bars make people feel the romantic atmosphere. 🌟Attractions Guide🌟 1️⃣Big Waterwheel One of the must-visit attractions in Lijiang Ancient City, located in Yuhe Square, surrounded by Dongba wish cards, making people feel the ancient and mysterious atmosphere 😍🏞️ 2️⃣Dayan Flower Lane🌸 Stepping into Dayan Flower Lane, as if in the ocean of flowers, in the summer, the flowers here bloom the most brilliantly 🌸✨ 3️⃣Big Stone Bridge🌉 Taking photos of the Big Stone Bridge from the stone path under the bridge, the surrounding restaurants are decorated with flowers, and you can also release water lanterns by the river at night, which has a unique charm 💖🌉 4️⃣Sifang Street🚥 Located in the center of Lijiang Ancient City, with small lanes crisscrossing around, it is said to be built by the Ming Dynasty Mu's chieftain according to the shape of the seal, with a long history and unique style 🏰🛍️ 5️⃣Xianwen Lane⛱️ Also known as Flower Umbrella Street, the small lanes decorated with oil-paper umbrellas, colorful during the day and unique at night, exuding a strong ancient charm 🌂🌙 6️⃣Puxian Temple🏯 One of the most well-preserved temples in Lijiang Ancient City, with strong religious architectural features, it is awe-inspiring 🕌🙏 🚗Transportation 1. Airport bus: Depart from the airport bus station, 20💰/person, about 40 minutes per bus, can reach the south and north gates of Lijiang Ancient City 🚌🛬 2. Bus: 4/18 to Zhongyi Market Station 🚌🚏 3. Online car-hailing: Available on demand, convenient and fast 🚗📱 🍗Food 1. Rose Milk in a Jar🌹: The rich aroma of milk, combined with the fragrance of roses, reveals a hint of romance and warmth in the richness 😋🌹 2. Naxi Rice Cake🥠: The taste is glutinous but not greasy, paired with the sweet taste of orange, sweet and delicious, unforgettable 🍊🥮 3. 88 Snack Shop🫕: One of the representatives of Lijiang's special snacks, with a long history, authentic taste, worth a try 👍🍜 4. Lijiang Baba🫓: Crispy and delicious, convenient to carry, not easy to spoil, one of the delicious snacks when traveling 🍘🎒 📌 Tips 1. Be cautious when shopping, compare goods from three stores, avoid blind consumption 💰🔍 2. Bargaining requires skills, boldly bargain, especially when buying special shoulder pads, don't be slaughtered 💪💸 3. Travel essentials: ID card, student card, sunscreen, power bank, small amount of cash, etc., don't forget for a comfortable trip 🔌💳 For those who want to visit Lijiang Ancient City, you might consider group tours. In addition to the attractions in the ancient city, you can also learn more about the local customs, avoid detours, and experience a richer journey 👫🚍
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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Lijiang Ancient City

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