Capture the splendid moments in Lijiang, InterContinental Lijiang Ancient Town Resort.

As I gaze upon the snow-capped mountains, they too, seem to be gazing back at me. Accompanied by a cup of osmanthus latte and a seasonal mushroom afternoon tea, I find myself lost in a daze at the Time Bar of the Lijiang Intercontinental Hotel, entranced by the sight of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. I have visited Lijiang many times, but this is the first time I have encountered the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in such a leisurely and contented manner. The snow on the mountain peak seems to have been blown into my cup, transforming into the froth of my coffee, adding a hint of bitterness to the rich aroma, enhancing the intriguing taste of the ancient city. Similarly, when the night shrouds the mountain, a few carefully crafted cocktails still allow me to perceive the clear and lofty demeanor of the snow mountain. The taste of the afternoon tea is already so tantalizing, and the gourmet feast at the Intercontinental is even more intoxicating. The top-quality matsutake mushrooms brought from Shangri-La to the Seven Colours Light Chinese Restaurant, whether served as sashimi or pan-fried, offer an exquisite taste. Especially the pan-fried matsutake, fried with yak milk butter, is a perfect match, demonstrating the Intercontinental's commitment to culinary excellence. The Pu'er tea braised pork, matsutake chicken soup, abalone mushroom yak cubes, Shangri-La Tibetan pig face, and other dishes at the Chinese restaurant also satisfied my palate. Especially the luxurious Intercontinental rice noodles, which are considered the best in Lijiang in terms of taste, appearance, and price. In addition to the Chinese restaurant, the Perilla Gourmet Restaurant at the Intercontinental also offers Western and Southeast Asian cuisine that is equally mouth-watering, catering to a diverse range of dining needs. The hotel's double Western meal and double Southeast Asian set meal are both suitable. During my stay here, I never left the hotel for meals. The design of the Intercontinental Spa Center is rich in the characteristics of the stone-built residences of the Naxi ethnic group in Lijiang. The entire building's exterior design is based on the former residence of Joseph Rock, the "father of Western Naxi studies," in Yuhu Village at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Here, you can relax and embark on an immersive journey that will wash away all your fatigue. The hotel's 267 rooms, including 12 suites, are designed with a modern and strong Naxi ethnic style, making one linger and forget to return. Many designs in the rooms are also unique, with a poetic elegance in the retro style. Coming to Lijiang and staying at the Intercontinental Resort is not only a journey of refined elegance but also a gastronomic journey that is unforgettable. #High-end hotels you'll only understand after staying #Recommended hotels in Lijiang.
Posted: Apr 16, 2024
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InterContinental Lijiang Ancient Town Resort

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Near Lijiang Ancient City|Inside Dayan Ancient Town, Lijiang
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