【Parent-child tour to the UK】Explore the magical world, feel the academic atmosphere, and enjoy the most beautiful countryside!

This is the correct way to open a parent-child tour to the UK A city that is super suitable for parents to take their children to travel and check in👉Here are famous museums, top-notch schools with a strong academic atmosphere, classic film and television shooting locations, the most beautiful countryside, etc.🙋~ Keep this UK travel guide, traveling with children is a hundred times easier, brushing up is a reminder from heaven to you‼️ . 🌈UK travel autumn and winter season ▪️Autumn (September-November): The temperature is 10-17℃, autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons in London, the leaves turn yellow, brown and red~Tourists can go to Hyde Park to enjoy the beauty of falling leaves🍁 ▪️Winter (December-next February): The temperature is around 0-8℃, London becomes very beautiful during the Christmas season, decorated with beautiful colored lights, and there are festive carnivals, which are very lively🎄 . 🌈UK travel 12-day route【Can be adjusted】 D1-D3 ▪️Buckingham Palace-Westminster Abbey-Big Ben-London Eye😍 ▪️British Museum-Hyde Park-Science Museum🧐 ▪️Harry Potter Studio🔮 . D4 ▪️Cambridge University-Trinity College-Cam River Cruise-Newton Apple Tree-Sigh Bridge🎓 . D5 ▪️York City Wall-York Cathedral-Butcher Street-Betty Tea Room☕️ ▪️Butcher Street is the prototype of Diagon Alley in 'Harry Potter'🏘️ . D6 ▪️Prince Street Garden-Edinburgh Castle-Scottish National Museum-Calton Hill🏰 ▪️You can go to Calton Hill to watch the sunset in the evening, and the photo check-in is super out of the picture🌅 . D7 ▪️St. Mary's Church=Edinburgh Botanic Garden-Holyrood Palace-Arthur's Seat🌿 . D8 ▪️Windermere Town-Lake District Cruise-Peter Rabbit Museum🚤 . D9 ▪️Broadway-Bibury-Burton on the Water🏞️ ▪️Rated as the most beautiful small town in the UK, don't miss it~🌟 . D10 ▪️Oxford University-Oxford University Library-Tom Square-Oxford University Christ Church College📚 . D11 ▪️Windsor Castle - Windsor Legoland🏰🧱 ▪️It won't go wrong to take children to play🎉 . D12 ▪️Happy shopping-Return💰💼
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 11, 2024
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